Scout “Call”  3.0
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Scout “Call” 3.0

The sampling methods, the PBX integration, the hi-end management interface. Introducing: Scout 3.0 Call.

35% of Israel’s official MR-agencies are currently enjoying current Scout call, version 2.5.4. We wanted to share with you (and them), what is still to come in 2013.

Scout 3.0 Call – truly an ultimate call center solution

Scout "Call", Scout's original flagship, is a fully modulated system that gives a comprehensive solution to call centers that collect data for survey conducting purposes.

Scout 3.0 has an even greater value proposition for you, with new modules such as: PBX API, Auto-encode, interval sampling and more!

The new face of Scout is designed to give the users an even greater ease-of-use, for many more new and exciting functions, combined with current, yet vastly improved function. Needless to say, Scout "Call" integrates like a glove into other Scout versions, such as "Web" and "SABI", and enables the user to conduct all of his surveys under one roof: CATI, WAPI and SABI. Furthermore, Scout 3.0 "Call" in itself, allows completing call-based survey via email, so the respondent can hang up, get an email, and continue where he left off.

All the perks in one package

The Scout 3.0 Call version  includes:

Questionnaire creation module with closed, open, mixed, matrix, visual and custom questions

4 step “skip logic” wizard with manual syntax support

Built-in sampling wizard that automates sampling methods: probability, Stratification, Clusters, Systematic and more
Floating Right

Ready-to-use API for PBX integration

Interviewer control panel with auto-dialer support, and an online message board

Survey control with detailed information about quotas, interviewer performance and quick analysis