Scout “Web” 3.0
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Scout “Web” 3.0

Scout 3.0 WEB – come and meet the new standard for WAPI.

After the previously enjoyed by hundreds of users Scout 2.0 version, a new and groundbreaking Scout 3.0 lite has been launched in December 2012.

So – what’s so great about Scout 3.0 anyway?

Scout 3.0 WEB incorporates all traditional WAPI capabilities, such as: mailing list, anonymous, banner and external panel integration, however, it also fully supports an integrated mobile site for optimizing questionnaires to small devices such as smartphones, but also to tablets. Scout's friendly admin user interface and uniquely designed respondent user experience for version 3.0, are expected to create a new industry standard not just with the good old sampling engine, but also with cool new question types, smart encoding of open answers and many more functions.

Lite version freatures

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Scout already enables all the benefits of WAPI in a lite version in Dec 2012. lite version will contain all the questionnaire capabilities, mailing list management, and distribution methods.

Next release (3.01) is expected in February 2013 and will include Panel integration, enhanced design capabilities and many more functions. stay tuned for more updates!