Scout SABI 1.0
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Scout SABI 1.0

Discover the magnificent new world of mobile surveys on your smartphone or tablet

Mobile devices are becoming a standard, and we have prepared a cutting edge user experience and interface so the respondents would not only fill out surveys, they’ll actually enjoy the process!


With Scout's "SABI", you can now access an audience which has been almost completely blocked in the past, i.e people that do not appear in email databases (taking under advisement that reciprocal SMS based survey is the worst invention since sub-prime mortgages). Now people can approach your survey from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection, and a modern browser (which exists in any smartphone, tablet and computer).

Reach your target audience via SMS, Email, QR-Code or website pop-ups. Suddenly, new crowds can be approached, and immediate feedback can be obtained

. SABI, an abbreviation of 'Smartphone Application Based Interview' is the new standard for those who seek a rich survey experience on all mobile devices, yet not compromising on professionalism when it comes to question types, displays, do's&don'ts and skip logic. Scout SABI can be used as a by product of WAPI, hence enabling just about any web based survey to be a mobile based survey, if wished by the administrator. As a standalone product, it can be installed as an APP on iOS devices, so conventions, visitor centers, designated panels and many more different venues. both methods (app and mobile site) compliment each other, because the app can allow for users who do not have smartphones to also take part in the experience.

You’ve got a smartphone? We’ve got a survey

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Scout’s “SABI” App is already listed on the Apple “Appstore” for version 1.0.
Scout’s mobile site supports the following operating systems:
Apple iOS 3.0
Google Android 2.3.5
Blackberry 6.0
Windows Phone 8